Release Versioning
The Operations Manual attempts to follow Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 ( Since Semantic Versioning is designed for use with code, it is necessary to clarify what is considered the 'public API' and is helpful to give some examples of changes that will result in the major, minor or patch fields are incremented.

The Operations Manual Public API

The Operations Manual is the means for the Trustees to define what Student Robotics is, what it stands for and how it operates. There are, in effect, two parts to the 'public API' of the Operations Manual:
    The organisation's interface to the world (the definition of what SR is and what it stands for)
    The Trustee's interface to the rest of the organisation (the structure within the organisation and the interface between those structures and the Trustees)

Examples of Changes

Major (X.y.z) Version Increment

    Adding a new organisation value
    Renaming the Core Team to the Competition Programme Committee and redefining its size and scope
    Reducing the period of the Core Team/Competition Programme Committee to 10 months
    Changing the procedure for a team/committee to report to the Trustees
    Re-writing the safeguarding policy such that all Student Robotics volunteers must re-read and understand it

Minor (x.Y.z) Version Increment

    Adding a new team/committee (e.g. Kit Team)
    Changing the process for releasing a new version of the Operations Manual
    A Trustee changes (added or removed)
    Clarifying wording of things

Patch (x.y.Z) Version Increment

    Fixing a typo that doesn't change the intended meaning
    Formatting changes
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