Team structure and operation

Each team is a group of volunteers that work together to deliver the team's purpose.

Each team is led by a committee: a group of three people who are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the work of the team is carried out in the manner expected by the Trustees, coherent with the values of Student Robotics. Each committee is accountable to the Trustees and its responsibilities are defined in the list of common responsibilities.

Volunteers apply to join a team through its committee. Volunteers can apply to join a team at any time and the committee should not unreasonably restrict membership of the team.

The competition team and its committee operates on an 12-month cycle running from early July to the end of June the following year. All other committees operate on a 24-month cycle running from early July in year one to the end of June in year three. The process for formation and dissolution of committees is explained here.

Team meetings and documentation

A committee is responsible for organising and running team meetings. These will be published in the SR Google calendar and should be open for any volunteer to attend. It is up to each committee to determine how minutes are taken, the format of the minutes, and where they are stored but this information must be shared with team members and should be accessible to all of the team. Key decisions must be recorded in the decision log which is shared across the organisation.

Allocation of work

A committee is responsible for making sure that work is allocated fairly and that the workload of each team member is monitored. Volunteers must have the opportunity to say "no" to work that they feel unable to do and to alert the committee if they are struggling with their workload. The committee must do their best to make sure that the team has sufficient volunteers to carry out the work of the team.

Budget and financial records

A budget will be made available to support the work of each team. One named member of each committee must act as the team treasurer and the responsibility for the budget will be delegated to this committee member. The team treasurer will be able to approve spending within the allocated budget and must ensure that all expenditure is authorised in advance of being incurred and that appropriate records are kept.

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