The Trustees share ultimate responsibility for governing the charity and directing how it is managed and run. The role of the trustees is defined in the constitution.

The current trustees are:

David Massey

David is a retired teacher from Hills Road Sixth Form College, teaching physics and electronics A-level. He has been involved in sixth form robotics competitions since 2001 and has taken part in Student Robotics since 2012. He became a Trustee in January 2018.

Diane Dowling

Diane works for the Raspberry Pi Foundation. She was previously Head of Computer Science at a Collyer's Sixth Form College in Horsham and has been involved in Student Robotics as a team supervisor since 2013. Diane became a Trustee in January 2018.

Thomas Scarsbrook

Thomas, more commonly known as "Scarzy", is an electronics consultant based in Surrey. He started volunteering for Student Robotics when he joined Southampton Uni in 2009, and became a trustee in November 2020.

The Trustees can always be contacted via email at the following address:


Volunteers may choose to become a "Member" of the charity. This has no impact on their ability to volunteer for Student Robotics, but creates an opportunity for them to have more of a say in the long term direction of the charity. The role of a member is defined in the constitution. Members must be approved by the trustees.

If a volunteer wishes to become a member of the charity, they should e-mail the trustees with the following details:

  • Name (first name and surname)

  • Email (alternative email to that issued by SR)

  • Home address

The register of members is available for inspection by application to the trustees.

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