Student Robotics would not be able to deliver on its mission without its volunteers. They invest vast quantities of time and effort to make Student Robotics the success that it is. Within Student Robotics a volunteer is defined as an individual who has registered as such and is aged 18 or over. Volunteers must not be competing in the Student Robotics competition.

The register of regular volunteers is maintained on the Google GSuite organisation for Student Robotics and reviewed every 18 months. If a volunteer indicates that they are no longer interested in being a volunteer when the register is reviewed, or does not respond during the review, their personal account will be suspended and later deleted in line with the data retention policy. The following information, as a minimum, is recorded for each volunteer:

  • Name (first name and surname)

  • Email (alternative email to that issued by SR)

Temporary volunteers for specific events will be kept in a record by the organising committee, and be kept according to the data retention policy.

Each volunteer is required to abide by the code of conduct and to observe the safeguarding policy.

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