Competition team


The Competition Team is responsible for defining and delivering the SR Competition Programme ('the competition programme') for a single competition cycle.

The competition programme includes, but is not limited to:

  • Working with the marketing team to recruit teams from schools and colleges

  • Determining a fair method for selecting teams if over subscribed

  • Communicating with school/college team supervisors throughout

  • Liaising with the kit team to agree the number of teams and number of locations that can be supported

  • Devising a challenge

  • Organising and running Kickstart

  • Organising and running Tech days

  • Organising and running the Competition final

  • Training sufficient volunteers to support planned events

  • Health and Safety and Safeguarding at events

  • Gathering metrics throughout the competition cycle

The way that the team is structured and operates is consistent with all of the other SR teams.

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