Vision, mission and values

Our Vision

We want to foster a world where engineering and artificial intelligence is accessible to young people.

Our Mission

To bring the excitement of engineering and the challenge of coding to young people through robotics.

Our Values


Engineering is for everyone. We believe that anyone should have the opportunity to build and program robots and we are committed to maintaining a diverse set of teams and volunteers. We do not expect participants to be skilled robot builders; we will provide challenges for all abilities and participants will never need any prior experience. We will never charge young people to enter the events that we run.


Remote control sucks. Programming is everywhere in modern engineering and we want everyone to to be able drive the future. AI is where it’s at and should be at the heart of a robot’s design.

Open by Default

Sharing is good. Running Student Robotics in the open makes us more resilient, more accessible and more exciting. Unless there is a very good reason not to, all software is open source, all conversations are open, and all documents are public.

Encourage Creativity

Real life is limitless and so are we (almost!) Engineering in the real world is all about solving problems in new and novel ways. We want to encourage creative and ingenious solutions to problems, so we strive to keep constraints to a minimum.

Reflect Reality

Engineering is everywhere. There are millions of engineers working in thousands of teams across hundreds of disciplines world-wide solving ever more complex problems. We present a challenge that aims to mirror this and expose people to a broad spectrum of engineering and computer science. Teamwork and communication is key.

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