Kit team


The Kit Team is tasked with developing and maintaining the SR Kit, and to provide a Kit Service to enable the SR Competition Programme.

The Kit is defined as the hardware and software (including software services) that are provided to school teams to enable them to take part in the annual robotics competition.

The Kit Service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Provision of sufficient working kit to meet the needs of the Competition Team

    • Delivery of kit to event location(s) as agreed with Competition Team

    • Checking kit out to teams at events

    • Shipping kits to teams that cannot attend an event

    • Collecting and holding disclaimer forms for kit issued

    • Dealing with any kit problems and issuing replacement parts as needed throughout the competition cycle

    • Providing technical documentation for competitors and for volunteers

    • Providing technical support to competitors and volunteers (both remote and in-person at events)

    • Recovering and checking kit following a competition cycle

    • Dealing with requests for late return of kit

    • Chasing any missing kit including kit not returned

    • Storing the kit safely

    • Maintaining an inventory of the kit

The team is also responsible for:

  • Communicating a strategic vision for the kit

  • Developing kit for future competitions

  • Ensuring that kit is deployed only for the purposes of delivering the Student Robotics Competition Programme or as directed by the Trustees

The way that the team is structured and operates is consistent with all of the other SR teams.

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