Version 8.0.0

Infrastructure Team


The Infrastructure Team is a Services team responsible for providing and maintaining the computing infrastructure required for the other teams to operate.
This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Setting up and maintaining servers to support SR operations including the deployment of the public facing web site
  • Setting up and maintaining the organisation's domains ( and
  • Maintaining the security of the infrastructure and related services
  • Setting up and maintaining the structure of GitHub organisations and permissions
  • Setting up and maintaining G-Suite accounts for SR volunteers
  • Providing support and guidance with regards to best-practices to other teams or volunteers on infrastructure and services where possible
  • The infrastructure team is not responsible for content beyond ensuring it does not break other functionality

Structure and Operation

The Infrastructure Team is a group of volunteers who work together, and closely with other teams within SR, to provide infrastructure services enabling the other teams to operate. The team is lead by a committee that is responsible for fulfilling the aims of the team.
The team operates continuously with committee members having a 24-month term of office (see Formation and Dissolution).
Volunteers apply through the Infrastucture Team Committee to join the team. The committee will ensure the team has an appropriate balance of relevant skills. Volunteers will be encouraged to apply at the start of each competition cycle but can apply at any time. The committee should not unreasonably restrict membership of the team.

The Committee

The Committee is a group of 3 people who are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure is delivered to the standard expected by the Trustees, coherent with the values of Student Robotics. The committee is accountable to the Trustees.
The committee will focus on management of time, resources and volunteers within the team. The committee will provide support and guidance to team members to allow them to be as effective as possible in delivering the infrastructure services. The Trustees will provide support, guidance and training as necessary to allow the committee to be as effective as possible in managing the team.

Roles and Responsibilities

In addition to the common responsibilities, the infrastructure team has the following responsibilities:
  • Maintaining a list of core services (i.e. services central to Student Robotics operation)
  • Maintaining a list of team services (i.e. services maintained especially for and in collaboration with another team)
  • Ensuring continuous/enduring access to SR services


The Infrastructure Team is accountable to the Trustees. The committee member responsible for reporting to the Trustees will speak in person with the Trustees at least once every month to report on progress and to highlight any areas of concern.
Minutes of meetings should be made available to the general public although access to any sensitive commercial data, may be restricted to the Trustees.


A budget will be made available to purchase infrastructure services. The responsibility for this budget will be delegated to an individual committee member.