Version 8.0.0

Fundraising Team


The Fundraising Team is a Services team responsible for sourcing funding for the current and following SR Competition cycle.
This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Secure funding for the current and future competition year
  • Sourcing Sponsorship
  • Fundraising
  • Industry links & relationship management

Structure and Operation

The Fundraising Team is a group of volunteers who work together, and closely with other teams within SR, to ensure there is sufficient funding for the teams to operate. The team is lead by a committee that is responsible for fulfilling the aims of the team.
The team operates continuously (see Formation and Dissolution).
Volunteers apply through the Fundraising Team Committee to join the team. The committee will ensure the team has an appropriate balance of relevant skills. Volunteers will be encouraged to apply at the start of each competition cycle but can apply at any time. The committee should not unreasonably restrict membership of the team.

The Committee

Unlike the other teams, the Fundraising Team committee is the Trustees. This is due to most sponsor applications requiring Trustee involvement anyway, and any decisions around sponsor suitability have to be made at Trustee level, so a separate committee would not be able to make any meaningful decisions.

Roles and Responsibilities

In addition to the common responsibilities, the team has the following responsibilities:

Collective responsibilities

  • Contact sponsors to arrange funding
  • Ensuring all perks due to sponsors are appropriately supplied
  • Maintaining links with sponsors


The Fundraising Team is accountable to the Trustees. The Fundraising Team will make a report the Trustees at least once every month to report on progress and to highlight any areas of concern.
Due to their commerially sensitive nature, minutes of meetings will not automatically be made available to the general public. Release of this information requires approval of the Trustees.


A budget will be made available to aid in sourcing funding. The responsibility for this budget will be delegated to an individual committee member.