Version 8.0.0

Common Responsibilites

All teams have the following responsibilites:
  • Supporting the recruitment of volunteers for across the organisation
  • Budgeting
  • Ensuring adequate communication with the other teams
  • Documenting their processes/tools
  • Raising any concerns to the trustees
  • Maintaining decision log from meetings
  • Seeking guidance from the trustees
  • Reporting to the trustees on progress
  • Ensuring a clean handover with future committees

Recruiting volunteers

SR wouldn't exist without its volunteers. All teams should take an active role in supporting the search for and induction of new volunteers.


The team committee is responsible for drawing up a budget for the following year within the overall budget provided by the Trustees. They must submit the budget to the Trustees within two months of the formation of the committee. This budget does not need to be extremely detailed; 8-10 budget lines is expected. They must also do the following:
  • Keep financial records (in a form to be agreed with the trustees).
  • Submit final accounts (at the end of the competition cycle).
  • Understand and follow the requirements defined in the Money Matters section (this defines how budgeting works in more detail).

Inter-team communication

The committee is responsible for ensuring they communicate adequately with the other teams. Many teams will be reliant on the other teams for information about what is required, or what can be provided.

Documenting processes/tools

The team must maintain documentation on what it does and how it operates. This documentation must be available to all in SR.

Raising concerns to the Trustees

The committee is responsible for ensuring that any concerns raised within their team are raised to the Trustees. If a concern can be handled within the team then a brief summary will suffice, anything that cannot be resolved within the team must be raised to the Trustees ASAP.

Maintaining a decision log

All important decisions made by the team should be logged in a document, listing the following details:
  • Date
  • Decision
  • Reasoning
  • Who was present
  • Proportion of vote
This document is stored in the organisation shared drive.

Seeking guidance from the Trustees

The team committee is responsible for seeking guidance from the Trustees as to the direction they should take for the coming year.

Reporting to Trustees

The team committee is responsible for ensuring that the committee provides regular updates to the Trustees to keep them in-the-loop with the progress of delivering the competition programme. This is accomplished by arranging for online (Google Hangouts/Meet) calls at least once every month.


The team committee is responsible for ensuring that there is a clean handover to future committees at the end of their term of office. This does not preclude volunteers being on the committee for consecutive terms.