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Robotics Competition

The Student Robotics Competition Programme is the main activity of Student Robotics and is how it currently meets its charitable objective set out in its constitution. It consists of an annual programme, aligned with the academic year, where teams of 16-19 year-olds (generally in sixth form) take part in an reasonably open-ended engineering challenge to construct autonomous robots.
The teams are divided into 2 categories:
  • Events
  • Services
“Events” teams are responsible for stuff that directly impacts the current competition cycle. Their term of office is 11 months to cover a competition year.
“Services” teams are responsible for stuff that either entirely or largely spans multiple competition cycles. Their term of office lasts for 24 months.
This division of teams is to aid understanding of remits of the different teams.
The principle teams are as follows:
Events teams:
Services teams:
The planning, management and delivery of the competition programme is the remit of the Competition Team and it is up to the Competition Team Committee to define the programme for a given annual cycle.
A competition programme requires teams to participate and volunteers to help run it, it is the responsibility of the Marketing team to source these teams and volunteers.
Delivery of the competition programme isn't possible without a kit to run the competition around, providing this kit is the responsibility of the Kit Team.
SR uses a number of software services to provide the competition programme, for example the website servers, SR accounts, and GitHub. The Infrastructure Team is responsible for maintaining these.
All the teams require funding to operate, it is the responsibility of the Fundraising Team to source funding to support the other teams.